Clock Storage — 1 Comment

  1. 1. Wind Down the Clock:

    Allow the clock to wind down for three days before starting the storage process.
    2. Remove Weighted Pendulums:

    Carefully remove the weighted pendulums, labeling their original positions for reassembly.
    3. Protect Pendulums:

    Wrap the clock’s pendulums in a moving blanket or bubble wrap to prevent impacts.
    4. Remove Side Glass Panels:

    Take off side glass panels and wrap them with bubble wrap or moving blankets.
    5. Secure Chains or Cables:

    Place chains or cables in a labeled plastic bag.
    6. Manage Chime Rods:

    If there are chime rods, slide them through holes in cardboard to prevent damage. Tape the cardboard to the back of the case.
    7. Stabilize Glass Components:

    Place soft moving blankets or bubble wrap inside the clock to stabilize glass components.
    8. Wrap Exterior:

    Wrap the clock’s exterior in bubble wrap and a protective blanket, securing it with tape.
    9. Use Cotton Gloves:

    Wear cotton gloves during the process to protect delicate components from fingerprints and dirt.
    Moving a Grandfather Clock Safely:

    Grandfather clocks can weigh between 80 and 300 pounds, so it’s crucial to move them with caution.
    Always have at least two people to safely lift and transport the clock using a dolly.
    Ensure the clock is wrapped in a furniture blanket and secured with packing tape to prevent damage.
    Consider Climate Control for Long-Term Storage:

    If storing the clock for an extended period, opt for climate-controlled storage to protect it from temperature fluctuations and warping.
    Climate control is essential for antique clocks to avoid damage from excessive humidity and extreme temperatures.

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