Some people said they were passé, we disagree. To us a watch represents a measure of how we see our time.

Watches Boggs Jewelers offers a wide variety of quality Seiko watches to match your lifestyle. Many solar dive watches now in stock. Plus, we have jeweled watches she’ll cherish just like jewelry.

From the most basic to the most complex models, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at Seiko’s combined achievement in technology and status.

watchesSeikos from Boggs Jewelers

Would you prefer a style with vintage?

antique watch

Antiques need love too!

This vintage 1940’s Bulova Gent’s model represents basic time with a precision jeweled spring wound mechanism, and a gold filled case.

Regardless of your choice watches have always reflected the wearer’s style mixed with reliable and accurate timekeeping.

Today’s changing times have advanced the modern watch to levels never imagined just 25 years ago.

In Need of Watch Repair?watches
We specialize in Rolex service.

How many jewelers do you know who have 2 fulltime watchmaker (representing 45 years experience) specialists plus a fulltime pocketwatch specialist? No matter what watch brand you have, we’re glad to assist you. From a simple evaluation to a complete restoration, our horological department will explain what’s needed, in complete written detail, while you wait.  The watch-masters at Boggs Jewelers keep up with the changing times to ensure care and repair for all our customers’ needs.
Don’t have any watch serviced without knowing what you’re getting first!

We have many watches in store, but can order any Seiko or Bulova watch available. Simply contact us by clicking here and include the specific model for which you want a quote. Us on Facebook!