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cucko1Cuckoo Clocks

Who doesn’t recognize one of these. Cuckoo clocks come in many shapes and designs. They are enjoyed by all ages for the “bird” and its memorable calling chime.

Most cuckoo clocks are still made the old fashion way ~ by hand, but with the latest manufacturing methods. When professional clock repair is needed a cuckoo clock requires a completely different type of technician. One who understands the clock’s complex nature. Quite simply, a cuckoo clock is probably the most frustrating clock to service because it requires delicate handling and demanding service. A Cuckoo isn’t just a clock, it’s a balance of timepiece, music, and mechanical animation. All in a beautifully decorated house.

Got a cuckoo? Need service? Boggs Jewelers horologicial department will provide you with a quote for servicing and a written appraisal evaluation, complete with photos. Don’t have your clock serviced without knowing what your getting first. Contact us to make an appointment.


banjo wall clockBanjo Clocks

A true American classic in a wonderful blend of art with time, it’s no wonder banjo clocks are  favorites among clock enthusiasts. From their beginnings around 1800 to today’s models these clocks are still made in the classic banjo shape that is highly prized among clock collectors.

Early production models were weight driven while later versions were spring wound and battery-operated. More modern 1900’s models added chimes while the distinctive shape remained the same. The unique case shape makes the banjo clock perfect for hallways or wall areas with limited space that a picture or other type of clock wouldn’t fit in.

Need a simple cleaning? Or complete cabinet and mechanism restoration? Boggs Jewelers  horological department will provide you with a quote for servicing and a written appraisal evaluation complete with photos. Don’t have your clock serviced without knowing what your getting first. Contact us to make an appointment.