3 Simple Questions to Ask Before You Buy Another Piece of Jewelry…

The Boggs Jewelers’ team does something unique in the jewelry business.  They answer your questions and make sure you understand how to know the precise value of the jewelry, clock and watch items you buy. Most jewelers want to keep you in the dark, so they can mark up their jewelry to inflated prices that don’t translate into value for you. Download our FREE Jewelry Buyer’s Guide Now.

1.   Will your jeweler certify the quality of the pieces you’re buying?

Amethyst Checkerboard

Amethyst & Diamond Ring

The answer should be ‘yes.’ Whether you are buying a diamond or gemstones, your jeweler should be able to provide you with written certification regarding the quality of the piece.

You can also ask for an independent appraisal. This ensures that no unseen damage has dropped the value of the piece, or that a temporary or permanent treatment has been done to make the item appear to be of higher value.

2. Can you work directly with your jeweler to ask for clarification on terminology?

At Boggs Jewelers it’s your choice. Our veteran jewelers or staff will guide you. Our goal is to answer your questions and address fine jewelry terminology so you don’t have to worry.


White Gold, Custom Designed Ring

3. Can your jeweler make hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind items that reflect your personal taste?

Boggs Jewelers can. Our custom design process includes “in progress” photos via text or email to show you each step in the design creation.

Interested in learning more?  Download Our FREE Jewelry Buyer’s Guide Now.

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